Indonesia’s US shrimp exports up 37% y-o-y in January

Indonesia’s US shrimp exports up 37% y-o-y in January

October 22, 2018 0 By Tariq Altararwa

Indonesia’s US shrimp exports up 37% y-o-y in January

Vannamei from Thailand.
Indonesia increased its shrimp exports to the US by 37% during January, edging out India as the largest exporter for the month by a narrow margin.

Indonesia hit 9,948 metric tons in US shrimp exports during the month compared to India’s 9,437t. India’s total also rose — although less so — as exports 20%, from 7,826t last January, data from the National Marine Fisheries Service Office of Science and Technology shows.

Mexico, however, showed the biggest percentage increase over last year, with US exports rising 103% from 1,480t last January to 3,006t this January. Mexico was the sixth largest exporter to the US in January.

Ecuador, which exported 6,837t, was third. This was down from last year’s 7,751t. Thailand came in right on Ecuador’s heels, at 6,347t.

Thailand’s Department of Fisheries is predicting production of between 300,000t and 400,000t this year based on a roadmap survey of the country’s vannamei production capabilities.

This range includes the level of last year’s production. According to estimates put out by Aquaculture Asia Pacific, total Thai production in 2014 was 328,000t, up from 267,615t in 2013.

This first month shows Thailand is at least on track to increase US exports this year, as the volume of such exports rose 7%, from 5,929t last year.

Mainland China, this year, is so far the fifth largest producer, having exported 3,281t to the US in January.

The data shows a drop for mainland China from 4,340t in January of 2014.

The total volume of shrimp imported into the US climbed 8.5% year on year during January, to 50,841t.

The value, however, dropped 5.9%, from $579 million to $544.6m.

This means that prices are on average lower on shrimp raw material being imported into the US at this time.